What is this?

Ever since I beta tested World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, I noticed an amazing voice-over for one of the bosses in the expansion; Theralion.

I thought the voice-over was hilariously amazing so I made a copy of the originals and uploaded them here for people to find.


The master was clearly speaking to you, Valiona. I am far too busy to attack ANYONE.

How dare you call me worthless! You will see why I am Mother's favored child!

You are not the boss of me Valiona! I will engulf as I please!

There is no escape from the fury of the Twilight Flight!

Writhe in AGONY! Hohohohhohooo...

Bare your soul to me, mortal.


Are you the type of person that wants this in-game? If you happen to be running transmog runs, this will suit you perfectly!

Download the zip by clicking the button below and unpack the Sound folder inside into your World of Warcraft folder.

Download (459 KB)

If you ever get bored of the modifications, simply remove the Sound\Creature\Theralion folder.